All Borrowers:

• Application – will send to you (or apply here)

• W-2’s – 2 yrs. for all borrowers (last 2 years, all jobs)

• Tax Returns – Personal and Business Returns (if self-employed) – 2 yrs. Federal only with all schedules, and K-1’s.

• Paystubs – the most recent 30-day period – all borrowers, all jobs

• Bank Statements (or asset statements) – the most recent 2 months – ALL pages!

• Agreement of Sale – fully executed by all parties (if this is a purchase transaction)

• Realtor contact information (extremely important if this is a purchase transaction)

• Mortgage statements – most recent from all mortgage companies (incl. Home Equity)

• Property Tax Bill – most recent from all properties

• Drivers License & SS Card- or working VISA, Permanent Resident ID Card – copied

• Homeowners Insurance – most recent declaration page and your agent’s contact info

Additional Doc Needed:

• If you own rental properties – copies of the full lease agreement for all properties and tenants.

• If you have had a bankruptcy, we will need copies of the Bankruptcy discharge and the list of creditors discharged.

• If you are divorced, we will need a copy of the divorce papers along with any property settlement agreement and child support orders.

• If you own multiple businesses, we will need tax returns for 2 years from all businesses, to include 1120’s, K-1’s etc.

• If this is a Veterans Administration loan, we will need a copy of your DD214 and Certificate of Eligibility.

• If you have credit issues, we will need a credit letter from you explaining the circumstances and any supporting documentation you can provide. For example, Letters of dispute, lien satisfactions, IRS agreements, repayment agreements etc.

• If you are retired, on a pension or receiving Social Security, we will need a copy of the awards letter or statement of benefits.